New Brunswick Mental Health Consumer Network Inc.

Rules of conduct for promoting solidarity

A.   Think in groups

1.Everyone takes a moment to think about what interests them and unites them to the Network. A group is a gathering of thinkers together in order to solve together problems that they have in common.

2.Everyone agrees to go to meetings because it is by meeting that members learn to know each other and to trust each other and work together.

3.Everyone gets used to putting the group’s interests ahead of their own.


B.   Develop team spirit.

4.Everyone strives to understand the position of others and avoids reacting until he has understood it well.

5.Everyone takes the time to express themselves but also takes the time to listen to the other side of the coin.

6.Everyone agrees to contribute to the group and hep them grow, knowing that they can learn from others and with them.

7.Each one tries to bring out what is best in other. By joining the Network, he leaves his personal whims in the cloakroom.


C.   Cultivate sharing

8.To share well, everyone stays in the concrete; critical without hurting; brings out the positive as well as the negative sides; and then makes room for feelings.

9.Each one tries to make the link between his knowledge and that of others, which makes it possible to reinforce the chain, knowing that he has a part of the solution, but that nobody has all the answers on his own.

10.Nobody secretly keeps information that could be used by the Network.

11.If someone has a skill in something, he puts it at the disposal of others in a spirit of sharing.

12.Everyone strives to seek the genius of each.


D.    Criticize constructively.

13.Everyone sees the world differently and everyone is right, in their own way. If everyone thinks the same, there is someone who does not think.

14.It is permissible, in discussing, to criticize the ideas of the other, but it must be done in a suitable and respectful way, thinking of how the other will feel.


E.   Facilitate discussions by participating.

15.Everyone shares his own ideas, and others do the same, and the ideas end up clinging to each other. To discuss implies that we exchange ideas, even ideas that are not alike.

16.Everyone does not hesitate to make room for the idea of another, and during this time, the light is made.

17.Everyone puts their creativity to good use and offers solutions, which is preferable to receiving ready-made solutions.

18.The Network always tries to reach a majority agreement, which requires recognizing differences and reconciling them.

19.The majority may agree or disagree with an idea that someone is coming forward. If everyone agrees, there is consensus, otherwise opinions are divided. These are then debated in an attempt to reach consensus, which requires reconciling different points of view.


G.   Remain open to diversity.

20.Everyone lets others express different opinions, because everyone knows something, but on different subjects.

21.Everyone sees the opposing differences as enrichment.

22.Everyone recognizes, in the Network, the diversity of talents: Some have the sense of observation; others, the gift of being able to persuade; others have the practical spirit; others are good communicators; some have the gift of organization; others are good at solving problems.


H. Make room for sensitivity

23.Everyone takes into account the feelings of others, paying attention to their esteem.

24.Everyone feels that he is a part of a group of thinkers who each have their own personal esteem to preserve.

25.Everyone firmly believes that if someone rejects his ideas, he does not reject him as a person; it is simply his point of view that is not shared.

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